31 Mar / 10:00

Vegamuze Birthday Brunch

Eveline verjaart! En dus kan je komen genieten van een unieke Vegamuze verjaardagsbrunch op 31 maart bij Full Circle Coffee!

Vegamuze likes to celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary things in life with delicious food. So with my birthday coming up in March, I decided to throw an extra special brunch at Full Circle Coffee for all of my plantbased brunch fans (a.k.a: YOU! ).
I will be cooking my personal favourite dishes and create a brunch menu that is quintessential Vegamuze: colourful, unique and a flavour extravaganza!


  • Decadent chocolate ganache with sesame granola and a sweet tahin-miso mousse
  • The very best Sourdough sandwich with harissa-sweet potato hummus, roasted cauliflower and dukkah
  • Colourful Salad of roasted rainbow carrots, homemade basil ‘ricotta’ and sumac red onions
  • EPIC Taco Al Pastort with EPIC oyster mushrooms and an even more EPIC sauce
  • The most fragrant Golden Goddess dahl with red cabbage kimchi and coconut bacon
  • My favourite cake: parsnipcake with grapefruit and thyme, served with a homemade clotted cream with thyme syrup

Sounds delicious, right?!

Celebrate the wonderful world of vegetables at this unique Vegamuze BDAY brunch and discover a new world of brunch flavours!

Price: €35

Limited seats available: 12, so hurry up if you’d like to attend this birthday brunch!